Monday, 9 May 2011

Main Website breif

Main website brief

The main website for my media course will be a charity website. Jeremy Yan and I will be working as partners throughout, however we have not discussed the name as of yet. But what we do know that it will be based around helping children who suffer from ADHD (attention, defect, hyperactivity, disorder).
The website will contain eight pages and eight photographs, four pages and photos from me and four pages and photographs from Jeremy. The page will be the home page where the option bar will be located, some photos, links, and a description about ADHD and what the website does. The option bar will contain options such as; contact us, about us, donations, home, what we do and any other suitable things that we could add.

The home page will contain the charity title in bigger bolder writing than the other text on the page to make it stand out. I would also suggest that we add a helpline number on the home page as it would be conventional and will save time instead of navigating to find the number. Having consistent colours that match together around the website will be affective and it sends out a more organized view on the charity, not only this but when people see certain colours they sometimes think of an organization for example, green: NSPCC.

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