Monday, 9 May 2011

Main Website Survey Analysis

Main website survey Analysis

When Jeremy and I went through the results on our survey for our main website we had come across some interesting results.
In the demographics section of the survey, for example asking people for their gender and age etc we found that there were 23 males and 7 females. I thought this was intriguing as it can relate to ADHD as when doing some research on the illness, males tend to suffer from it more than females do so we had our first set of realistic result already. ADHD can be found in people from many ages ranging from 2 until over 60 so we thought we would ask people ranged from 17- 60+. After asking for the age of the participants, we asked whether or not they had any children and if so how many and their age. A research suggests that between 2- 5% of the children population around the world suffers from ADHD but it’s also difficult to tell if they have got or are they just being ‘naughty’. ADHD in adults is easier to spot as their behaviour may not be of a normal sensible adult.
After the demographics section we then moved on to single questions where the participant would read the question and circle their desired answer so it was a rather quick process. Our first question was, ‘What activities do you think are most important to you?’
‘Socialising, cooking, drinking, reading and sport’
 We added this question in as scientists were able to prove that medication isn’t always the key, lifestyle can also help to tackle ADHD.
Apart from the above question, the remaining questions were about what participants thought were most important to have on a charity website and what is the least. Out of the 30 people we questioned we found that 17 of them strongly agreed that an organisation should have a website with only 1 disagreeing.
We also asked people about other little things like whether or not it would be helpful to have the address on the home page and number and they came out rather strong with only 3 people disagreeing.
We decided to ask the participants what would be more effective out of the following, ‘photographs, videos, good colour scheme, clear title and a regular updates’. The results found that regular updates were the most popular and the lowest was forums. After regular updates the order was; photos, videos, colour then forums.

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