Monday, 9 May 2011

Website Screenshots

This is our home page of the ADHD website that Jeremy and I have created. We have added some new on the news feed as when doing the website research, all of them had latest news so to keep in with the trend we did this too. We have added to every page of our website the logo, register/ login and navigation bar so that the website looks consistant and proffesional and easy to use.

The 'about us' page baisically explians what the charity does by telling visitors how the charity helps people who suffer from ADHD. The photograph of Brad was taken by myself at a real football match which suited our story on his life with ADHD. Having brads story can interset the younger children who also like football and thats when they may feel related.

The 'campaigns' page is a page of information where visitors of the website will find what we in terms of raising awarness about ADHD. We have another news feed as we found that many charity websites have newsfeeds on most pages so we wanted to make our website similar.

The 'Support Us' page has some information on three differant ways on how to support the charity. Respectivally we used James as the teacher and Marcus as the student recieving help at School so that school students feel related.

This is the 'Join us' page where we have added differnat ways for anybody who wishes to help out, the bold words in blue are to stand out. We chose blue to match with the colour scheme so that it would look attractive.

This page is where people who are signed up to enter the forums go to connect with others. We have added rules so that forum users do not abuse their freedom.

This is the 'Donate' page where visitors can make donations via paypal to the charity. A photograph of connor playing the Guitar is a little story to pursuade people on this page just what happans to the donated money.

This page is where forum users can sign in or sign up to use forums.

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